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Mother Daughter Jewelry Workshop

Enjoy wonderful moments at a “mother daughter jewelry workshop” with your other and make beautiful jewelry of your choice together. You can for instance make a matching necklace ring or earrings.Choose a special gemstone which means something special for your mother. Share beautiful memorable moments of creativity together.
Choose a morning or evening which is available for you and your mother.
Workshop price: 40 p.p

What do you get in a mother daughter jewelry workshop?

You will make use of a large variety of metal: Silver plated, Gold plated and Copper wire, a wide variety of gemstone and metal beads and more.

Materials: Gemstones included* (It is possible to choose precious metal such as Sterling silver or Gold-Filled for an additional price)

* Depending on the amount of gemstones used. There might be an additional cost for necklaces made with many beads.


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