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Who Am I ?

Who Am I?

Elaine Jewelry Designs Self Portrait

My name is Elaine. I am a jewelry designer. I discovered my passion for making jewelry at a relatively late stage yet from that moment on I was totally enchanted. I work with gemstones and high quality metals. Gemstones, their colors and their unique qualities lead me into discovering the special techniques I use. These techniques are thousands of years old. Wire wrapping and weaving around gemstones accents them in a special way. I absolutely love working with gemstones and creating one of a kind personal designs. My designs are unique. No mass production jewelry can be looking so unique and special. Wearing my jewelry will always attract attention from everyone around you.

Besides designing unique hand made jewelry I teach courses and workshops where you can learn to create your own special jewelry using these same techniques I use.

I use high quality materials to make sure that my customers enjoy my jewelry for a long time.

You might think that my handmade jewelry would be quite expensive but let me pleasantly surprise you by saying that it is unique and made with quality materials yet are very affordable!

Besides letting me design a special piece for you, you can purchase jewelry from my ready made collections.

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