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Tip of the day- Wearing jewelry in the Winter

We all want to look at ourselves one last look in the mirror before we leave the house and be pleased. But, don’t we all have that problem mainly in the winter when –  Its dark, cold, and windy. We want look our best when we take off those thick layers of clothes, a coat ,a thick scarf and sometimes maybe a hat. Wearing jewelry under all of that is not very practical.

Elaine Molenaar Lapis Horizon Jewelry Designer

My name is Elaine Molenaar. I am Lapis Horizon Jewelry Designer. I live in the Netherlands for a few years now and I have the same problem.

I have some tips for you that would help you be able to wear jewelry under all those warm clothes, because after all, when you come into the office or someone’s house you do take all the scarf and coat and hat and under all of that you should still look and feel good.

Here are my tips to wearing jewelry in the winter:


  • Wear jewelry that doesn’t have sharp edges or ends.
    Those will be caught in your scarf or sweater and probably spikyruin it.


  • If you would like to wear a necklace, choose a delicate necklace that can safely be hanging from your neck while wearing a scarf and that you can shower with (A Gold winter 2013 - 53filled necklace, for instance, will not tarnish if you forget to take it off)



  • If you still choose to wear a necklace with beads or if the necklace does get caught in your scarf, don’t try to pull it. Try to ask for help or try to remove it while looking in a mirror. One more moment to lose is better than to lose the necklace because you can tear it by mistake.
  • Losing earrings wearing a scarf is very common. In order to avoid being left with only one of your favourite silicone earring backsearrings use silicone earring backs. Make sure the ones you get are tight and do not come off the ear wire easily.


winter 2013 - 08


To sum up, you don’t have to stop wearing jewelry in the winter. You can still wear it comfortably in a smart way and be as beautiful and glamorous as you would look in the summer.


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