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The Family necklaces project – A Story of a Family bond – Part II

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Part II-  The Materials

I recieved a new project from a good friend and regular customer of mine. Margriet wanted me to make a reasonable price  family set of necklaces for her sisters her mother and herself. There I was, trying to figure out which materials to use. Making a set of necklaces which will easily tarnish or lose their beauty was out of the question. I had to figure out how to make good quality necklaces and yet be able to fit into the price requirement of this special order.

And then I knew… Silver Filled wire! What a great idea! Normally I use Sterling Silver. It’s not a very expensive material and yet it has quality. Silver filled just like Gold filled metal is a Sterling silver or Fine silver sheet which is bonded with a base material such as red brass alloy. The real silver layer is 1/20 or 1/10 (5% or 10%) of the whole wire, as opposed to Silver plated wire (or sheet) which is just a microscopic film that is bonded with a base metal. Silver Filled metal does not peel and doesn’t reveal the base metal and therefore does  not expose the jewelry wearer to irritations of the skin (if you are not allergic to real silver metal of course). It is in fact Siilver on the outside and you can clean it and maintain it like Sterling silver or Fine silver .

So there, I chose it- Silver filled wire:

Silver filled versus Silver and silver plated

The chains themselves were to be made of sterling silver and the stones… there I had a dilemma. She wanted me to make each necklace with a stone made of the favourite colour of each sister.

The sisters preferred the following colours:

Sister 1: Lilac

Sister 2: Dark Green

Sister 3: Pink

Sister 4: Turquoise blue

And here are the Chosen beads:

Man-made colourful pearls


Silver Filled Wire


Sterling Silver (925) chain necklaces

Making a pendant that would eventually be part of a bigger pendant which would me made for the mother – She would be wearing all 4 parts of her daughter’s pendants to bond them all together and to wear proudly as a symbol to her great work raising them. I had to surf the internet to get some inspiration. I found it in the form of the following beautiful pendant that I once came across on the internet. It wasn’t my work but it inspired me:

This pendant made me think that i could just create (like this tree) 4 parts that would have 4 stones and will all be put together. Now I had to figure out what shape could each daughter get… Giving them a branch (based on this tree model) was not good enough so I came up with “A leaf”.

This was was what I sketched:

First leaf Sketch

Each sister will have her favourite pearl colour integrated in that form.

This was my first test piece using silver plated practice wire ( I always try with base materials to make sure its coming out well. The materials should match diameter and looks of course).

Test product made with basic materials

I was quite happy with the result.

Would you like to read more about the mother pendant result? How to make hand made identical pendants and more? Follow the next part of this story on my blog…

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