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The Family necklaces project – A Story of a Family bond – Part I

Part I: The Project

A friend and a regular customer of mine is a very busy woman. She is busy helping us all doing important stuff behind the scenes… Not only she is intelligent – she is also a beautiful woman and a very creative inspiration to me. Here is the story of her project that I was busy with last week:

If there is anyone who appreciates  my work than its Margriet. She is a beautiful. She is always elegant, wears beautiful clothes that fit her amazing figure. She came to me two weeks ago and said: “Elaine, my sister has a birthday and I was thinking to give her something special which shouldn’t be too expensive”, because as traditionally known, Dutch birthday presents are not about the money but more about the attention and idea of bringing  you something on your special day. “Actually, she said, I had this idea of making it a special birthday gift not only for her but for all of us four sisters and also for my mom”. “I would like to give them each a Family Necklace with a stone of their favourite colour”, she said.

What an amazing idea, I thought. I was immediately thinking of how I could make something that would fit her budget and still be a quality piece, since I find it very difficult to make something that I know will not last long. My moto is always – It should stay beautiful and of the same quality for a long time. I do not like making jewelry that I know will change colour or would be made with bad quality materials and my customers would need to throw it away after a little while (unless of course it’s made of Silver and then you can just clean it to make it shine again if you do not wish the oxidized look). So there I was trying to find a solution- good price yet good materials….

Margriet gave me a time table of about a week and a half to make 5 necklaces, 4 for her and her sisters and one for her mother. She went home and I was wondering what I could make that would be special and would convey this wonderful idea of Margriet in the best way… and then I knew!! each one would have to wear a part of a pendant which together with the other 3 would give the one whole mother necklace pendant! Each sister would have her chosen stone colour and the mother would have them all in one pendant. Yes! now I had to figure out what would the design be.

Would you like to continue reading about Margriet’s project? Well, then please follow the story here on my blog…

Soon to come… :The choice of materials… planning… how to make 4 exactly same pendants …and more… (all photos of the process yet to come too…) don’t miss it!

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