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What is Wire Wrapping?

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making handmade jewelry.

Jewelry Wire Wrapping is the art of crafting jewelry with metal wire (base metal or precious one) in different shapes and thicknesses. Wire wrapped jewelry goes back to ancient Acadia (in Mesopotamia). An ancient Acadian excavated cemetery discovered in the area of what we know today as Iraq revealed a hoard of gold and gemstone jewelry some of which were made using the Wire Wrapping technique. Basic wire wrapping is used in most simple jewelry pieces as well to create jump rings, chain links, clasps and ear wire.

In my Expression jewelry line I incorporate mostly gemstones and sometimes beautiful crystals such as Swarovski crystals or other quality handmade glass beads and cabochons. In this line I use precious metals such as Silver 925 and 935 and Goldfilled.
I create my jewelry in this line using different wire wrapping techniques and methods. The pieces are being wrapped by hand with the wires in different shapes and sizes some are soldered some are wrapped using pliers. Each piece is unique- one of a kind. Each stone comes to live accented with wonderful precious metal curves. When you purchase one of my pieces you can be sure you will not see it on anyone else around you. You will be complimented by the people around you every time you put on one of my Expression jewelry on.

Wire Wrapping in Ancient Jewelry


Beautiful top quality designer jewelry does not have to be very expensive, once you make sure that every customer can enjoy beautiful jewelry according to own personal budget.

Exclusive Line

The pieces are mostly made with gemstones and or Swarovski crystals. The Exclusive jewelry lines are made with precious metal wire such as 14K Goldfilled, 925 Sterling silver and/or 935 Argentium Silver. All three materials see that the jewelry stays beautiful for years to come. All three can be shined and cleaned. With these materials you can wash your hands and bathe in the sea. Of course you need to take into account sensitive gemstones such as pearls that cannot be exposed to certain detergents alcohol or other acids.

Trendy Line

Trendy line jewelry is made with high quality silver or gold plated copper wire. There is also a special non tarnish coated plated wire that maintains the shine of the delicate silver or gold plated layer. In this line too as in the exclusive line I incorporate gemstones and crystal beads in my jewelry.

It is however important to know that jewelry made using these materials needs to be protected from exposure to oxidizing elements such as water, alcohol, salt and other acid and alkaline chemicals. Even sweat can change and oxidize these delicate materials. In order to protect them and make sure that they will stay pretty for a long time please pay attention and try not to expose them to those kind of chemicals. See ‘How to protect my Jewelry’ for more information.

Trendy Line

  • Quality Silver/Gold Plated/Non Tarnish metals
  • Quality Gemstones and glass beads
  • Hi quality findings

Exclusive Line

  • 14K Gold Filled/925 or 935 Silver
  • Gemstones and High quality crystals
  • Handmade Designer findings


Nowadays is the market overflown with mass production jewelry made mostly in the far east using industrial machines creating millions of pieces that look exactly like one another. Another way of creating mass production jewelry is by using child of unjust women labor in third world countries.

Handmade jewelry on the other hand is unique. It is made giving each piece of jewelry the time and attention needed to create something special. Each piece of jewelry I make involves hours of planning and hand work.

The techniques I use are various and include weaving, knitting or wrapping used by artisan craftsmen as far in time as 5000 years ago!

The Design process

Customers can choose out of an existing collection. They can chose the same stone or metal or ask to be made a piece of jewelry using their preference in color or material without any additional costs.

I can also create a special piece of jewelry for customers using their own choice of materials and stones. The price range of those designs is in the same range as the rest of the already made pieces. Price depends on material and how much work is invested in a piece. The designing process is free of charge!

Happy Customers

Just as the creative process of making jewelry gives me a lot of satisfaction and happiness, it is very important to me to give my customers the same feeling. This makes the whole difficult process of ‘giving birth’ to a unique piece of jewelry worth it while.

Furthermore, owning and wearing a unique piece of jewelry made with beautiful gemstones attracts attention to my customers. They always receive a lot of compliments.

Thank you very much for a wonderful gift to my friend. She is still really happy with it, it was totally surprise to her when she got it by post. Thank you for the kind help and advice, and for creating that amazing jewelry. I’m sure that i’ll be back again for jewelry shopping.

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