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Information about Jewelry Courses and Workshops

So many people want to learn to make jewelry nowadays and for a good reason. Making jewelry is fun! You are discovering your creative side. When you are creating you are more relaxed and put all your “troubles aside”. You concentrate only on what you are making- kind of meditating. I can tell you that because this is my experience when I create my jewelry.

My name is Elaine and I am an Artisan Wire Wrapping jewelry designer. I also teach making jewelry. I teach it in the Netherlands since 2012.

But let’s get back to you. Do you want to learn to make jewelry or maybe you already started but want to learn more? Did you find Wire Wrapping online (maybe on Pinterest or on social media) and you want to learn to create your own original designs? Join Elaine and maybe invite a friend to come with you and learn to make jewelry in a one time workshop or participate in a Basic/Advanced course!

I can teach you many different techniques to create original and beautiful jewelry. In my basic course I don’t only teach making basic jewelry but also get you acquainted with the Wire Wrapping technique. You do not have to buy expensive machines or tools or have a big studio, work with chemicals etc. You can easily create beautiful jewelry by using wire, beads and some basic tools that shouldn’t cost too much.

I can also recommend to you which tools are the best one to purchase for you at the state you are. I even sell them for a small price to make it easier for you. You don’t have to search online or look for stores that sell those tools. I order those for my students. I also order wire for them and have different sorts of wire you can purchase for your convenience.

When you join my course or workshop you can be sure we will be working in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. I make sure you are comfortable, learn at your own pace and choose your own designs and materials.

Our Courses

Beginners course

A course is a set of 5 lessons where I teach you the basics of whatever you would like to learn. We usually make between 3-5 pieces of jewelry that you can take home with you and with the knowledge you acquire from making them  you can make hundreds of more beautiful designs that fit your own personal taste.

If you only want to try and see if my way of teaching “fits” your preferences or if you like learning and making jewelry, you are welcome to take one workshop to “try” and if you will like it you can continue for the whole course. You will then be allegeable for a course “lesson price” which is cheaper than one separate workshop.

If you only want to come to one workshop and learn to create one thing thats possible too! Together we can decide on what we will be making and you can learn to make it in one lesson and take it home with you!

Advanced course:

In an advanced course you can choose from several Wire Jewelry making techniques. This is a more individual course. Each student can select their technique and work on their own piece. I will be providing material and guiding  you through the whole course and making sure you learn how to use that technique.

One of the things my students always tell me is: Elaine we love it that you teach us your tips and tricks of making jewelry in a more professional and easy way. I always share my secrets with my students which is something that is not always available when you teach the internet and try to learn from Youtube video tutorials.

In conclusion:

Try one of the courses or surprise a friend and give them this wonderful gift of one lesson or a course as a special gift!

I teach making jewelry in all the languages I speak! Most of the students speak Dutch, some speak English and some speak other languages that I am gladly willing to teach in.

You can also read what my students think of my courses and learn about their experiences. I will translate their words into English below for your convenience.

So don’t hesitate to contact me for more information and for a personal conversation. That’s always more pleasant than just read it off of someone’s site.

One Time workshop

In a one time workshop, you will be making a jewelry piece in one lesson of 2.5 hours. You can either choose a pattern that I am recommending to learn from a large selection of patterns I have or we can decide together what we want to make. We can use sites like Pinterest to get inspiration for a piece if you wish.

At the end of the workshop, you will go home with a beautiful self-created piece of jewelry of your choice.



I give courses in the mornings from 9:30 am until 12:00 pm and in the evening from 7:30 pm until 10 pm. Each lesson is 2.5 hours long. The lessons are given mostly on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I am very flexible if you miss a lesson or want me to consider another time or day.

The groups are very small: 1-5 students. This is what my students like. The atmosphere in the group is always very friendly and warm. That’s how my students and I like it. I hope you do too.

Students Share Their Experiences:

Important Note:

In some of the workshops taught by Elaine teaches she teaches a technique using tutorials designed by other Jewelry Artists. These tutorials are taught after receiving consent from the original designers who created the tutorials. The heart pendant shown in the video made by Sandra is designed by Nicole Hanna and taught by Elaine.

More written reviews:

I attended Elaine's course with two other friends back in 2014. We learned a lot about the course from her. She can explain very well. She finds it very important to show the whole picture. She also finds it important that you will be happy with your results and the jewelry you are making. She lets her students use beautiful gemstones and other materials. She teaches different kinds of techniques. During the course, you can tell her what you prefer to learn. We were very happy with the jewelry we made during her course. (Translated from Dutch)


Thank you for the course, Elaine. I am very happy that I took it. Now a small pause to practice and then I will be taking the next one. Thank you for your patience! I really recommend this course! (Translated from Dutch)


I am also very happy with Elaine Molenaar! You feel exactly what I need and you inspire me so much! Finally, I received the tips and learned the tricks that I was looking for! I am really looking forward to the next lesson! (Translated from Dutch)


Great oppurtunity for lessons in making jewelry with wire in Leidschendam, The Netherlands!
Elaine from Elaine's Sieraden Cursussen en Workshops makes very beautiful wire jewelry and has a diversity of techniques that I'm a little jealous of 😉 when I see the photos on facebook of what her students make every time it´s beautiful jewelry, so if you're interested I strongly recommend her workshops!


Elaine offers fantastic Wire Wrapping workshops. She is spontaneous, sweet fun and helpful. She designs beautiful jewelry and I hope to learn a lot from her in the beginner's course. It's simply a wonderful afternoon activity. I enjoy very much! 😍 (Translated from Dutch)


Two years ago my friend and my daughter and I did a 5 evening jewelry course. It was a wonderful experience and we eventually made beautiful jewelry we could take home with us. Elaine explains everything in a very helpful way. All three of us enjoyed it a lot. (Translated from Dutch)


Information and Prices:

  • Make your choice

  • Basic materialBasic material
  • Written MaterialWritten Material
  • Extra Jewelry MaterialExtra Jewelry Material
  • Number of LessonsNumber of Lessons
  • Number of Hoursyour plan

    Number of Hoursyour plan

  • Price


  • Beginners Workshop

  • Basic materialIncluded
  • Written MaterialTutorial
  • Extra Jewelry MaterialNot Included
  • Number of Lessons1
  • Number of Hoursyour plan

  • Price

    € 40

  • Advanced workshop

  • Basic materialIncluded
  • Written MaterialTutorial
  • Extra Jewelry MaterialNot Included
  • Number of Lessons1
  • Number of Hoursyour plan

  • Price

    € 55

  • Beginners Course

  • Basic materialIncluded
  • Written MaterialCourse Booklet
  • Extra Jewelry MaterialNot Included
  • Number of Lessons5
  • Number of Hoursyour plan

  • Price

    € 180

  • Advanced Course

  • Basic materialincluded
  • Written MaterialCourse Booklet
  • Extra Jewelry MaterialIncluding Gemstones and special wire
  • Number of Lessons5
  • Number of Hoursyour plan

  • Price

    € 245

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