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And then it became personal

When you decide to purchase a jewelry piece for yourself or as a present to someone you always face the problem of personal taste. Did it ever happen to you that you enter a jewelry store and see something beautiful and think… I wish they had it in my favorite color or stone?

What I make is personal flavored jewelry. Most of my work is actually personal designed jewelry. My customers tell me what they would like me to make and together we create what they want to have. Of course I always have ready made jewelry that might be exactly what you like but sometimes you would like to add  your personal flavor to your jewelry.

Last week I put a photo of three necklaces on my Facebook page. I received a lot of comments about them. One of the people who commented asked me if I could change the length of the necklace because she preferred it to be a little longer. She also told me that she would like to shower with it and basically wear it at all times without the need to be careful about the stone.

She really liked the Gold filled David Star necklace (the top one).

Delicate gold filled necklaces

I told her that Gold filled jewelry can be worn just like gold almost at all times. (It is actually advised to remove gold jewelry when  you go to the swimming pool because the chloride and other chemicals they put in the water as disinfectants make gold dull). On the other hand pearls are actually scaly/sandy in their texture and it is not advised to wear them while showering, sweating too much or swimming in the sea. Turquoise on the other hand is a quite hard stone and usually is safe to wear. I suggested therefore that we change the pearl to another stone. I suggested Agate which is quite a sturdy stone.

After some work:

Costum changed necklace










I was happy to transform that necklace to the right size and right stones to fit my customer’s personal choice. Even though this product was already made ready to be purchased, I made it into a unique personal piece of jewelry that my customer was very happy to receive and which looked like this:

Unique personal choice jewelry








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